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  1. Hello Mr Dudas!

    Just heard about a nonprofit starting to act as a sort of central bank for the Bitcoin deposits of the underbanked’s worldwide. Thought you might want to check it out. They have a short video:


  2. Details
    I attempting to create a media player called Tavaro. The music app allows artist to promote their video and promoters to promote their artist all on the Tavaro App. Tavaro media player app sets the stage for an annual showcase for unsigned artists to perform with a mainstream artist and for promoters to host the event. Tavaro feature artists are the highest viewed songs which will play in a continuous loop. Tavaro’s Jockey option allows promoters to arrange Tavaro’s music database and input segments to promote artist songs in their network. Tavaro’s Network is determined by the area code of the users. Tavaro’s Users will have the ability to access music in Tavaro’s database by a search option or external link via Facebook, Twitter, or any other Social Media Platform .


    Tavaro Artists will never be able to compete with a mainstream artists on Pandora, Apple, Spotify, or the Tidal platform. Tavaro gives them a chance to compete against other artist in their area code. Tavaro Jockeys will be able promote themselves and the Tavaro app and the Tavaro Annual Showcase in contrast of promoting a venue. The Showcase will allow Tavaro Users and Patrons to be familiar with the unsigned featured Tavaro Artist and Video Jockey while having a chance to perform with a mainstream artist. The Tavaro Artist will feel accomplished that thier music will be recognized by their peers and that they are able to perform on the same stage as a Mainstream Artist. Video Jockeys will feel accomplished their taste of music is recognized and shared. Overtime this will stop the commercialization of music and artist will not have to compromise their artistry for recognition.

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