Fourth Feelings

Today’s post by Fred Wilson inspired me to share my feelings today.

I’ve never been more optimistic about what is ahead for me personally. I’m fortunate enough to have two beautiful children, an amazing wife and a brand new business. There is so much hope and opportunity in the eyes of youth, so many new experiences to be had personally and professionally and so much to be built that I believe me, my family, my friends and those around us can build together.

At the same time, I’ve never been more nervous in my life about America and the world squandering our global wealth and abundance. Our global standard of living is improving, yet many would have you believe we are a world in crisis. As we become increasingly connected, a small minority of the most powerful people, generally from older generations, fight to preserve a 20th century order that feels safe to them but that imperils the billions of people born from 1980 onward.

On this 4th of July in 2018, the optimism outweighs the nervousness. I live in New York City, which is thriving with new building from tip to toe, new politicians with new ideas and personality, a reinvention of stale industries from finance to advertising and a culture that welcomes anyone from anywhere.

New York City is beautiful, it is global, it is pulsing, it is diverse and it is always pushing towards the future. New York City is home on this Independence Day and many more to come. I’m thrilled to work with you to make our mark on the world — and build toward a prosperous, inclusive future for ourselves, our families and our friends in the shadow of Lady Liberty.

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