Day 1

It is Day 1 in the world of blockchain and cryptoassets. It is time to come along for the ride. Let me help convince you!

1) Most people know nothing. A few people know some things — these people know what they don’t know, but they are curious and seek to prove or disprove their hypotheses. No one knows the future — but the best try to model ahead and learn.

2) Today is a *GREAT* time to jump into blockchain and cryptoasset building, investing and development. Tomorrow is the second best day.

3) There will be Amazon’s, Google’s and PayPal’s. There will be Webvan’s and’s.

4) We are in a massive bubble in the aggregate cryptocurrency market. But there are some tokens that won’t go lower than where they are today. And many projects that are building enduring value. Buy now, buy selectively and buy with knowledge and conviction.

5) Code and activity matters. Projects that have an ecosystem, that have trading velocity, that have delivered code on time and according to plan — are worth multiples of those that haven’t.

6) It is hard work to find the best minds and best information about blockchain and cryptoassets. The best information is in private groups on Telegram, Slack, Signal, etc. It is not in James Altucher’s “secrets.”

7) Traditional institutions like Visa, Mastercard, Chase, B of A and Citi are talking their books. “Bitcoin will fail” = “Bitcoin scares us to death.” It then turns to “Bitcoin may have some merit and may be money” due to intense client demand.

8) Gatekeepers and centralized entities will drip, drip, drip control over the coming decades.

9) Inefficient middlemen across countless industries will see their businesses vanish faster than you can say “skimming off the top.”

10) Governments won’t accept a global reserve cryptocurrency or global store of value lightly. The path from here to there will be bumpy, terrifying and exhilarating.

11) Trading individual coins all day every day is a fools errand. You may make a profit, but you will miss the fundamentals of the blockchain economy being built. Don’t miss the forest for the trees.

12) The blockchain / crypto world seems intimidating upon first glance, but the community is very welcoming and very willing to teach and mentor.

13) There is a severe shortage of engineers capable of building blockchain technology and associated products. This is the opportunity of a lifetime for ambitious engineers.

14) Silicon Valley is no longer the center of the world when it comes to the most exciting and far-reaching technology revolution of this century: blockchain protocols, services and applications.

15) The price of any given token on any given day has no bearing on the value being created day in and day out by the hardest working developers in the community, who are working to create scalable, secure, faster and more powerful foundational services. They are the heroes of this community.

16) Bitcoin is the flag-bearer for mass consumer adoption and awareness. The focus today is on price. The focus tomorrow will be on value and application to real world problems and opportunities.

17) It will be interesting to see if utility tokens preserve token value or whether store of value will be the primary creator of token value — or both!

18) I am moving from an amazingly successful company (Button) that I co-founded into the completely blue sky field of blockchain and crypto. The reception has been unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. From my parents to my wife to my siblings to my friends to my industry colleagues — everyone understands: we are on the cusp of one of the greatest value creating moments in the history of technology.

19) Day One is the most fun. Join me. Let’s invest, build and grow the protocols and applications of the future together. I can be reached at, and I’m overjoyed to work with “the crazy ones. The misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the round pegs in the square holes, the ones who see things differently. … Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.”

Yours in deep enthusiasm!


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