How I Discover Great Content

A number of folks have asked me over the years what system I use for discovering great content. Here is my setup as of the beginning of 2015…

Twitter — My #1 source for the past few years. I try to follow ~300 or so folks at any given time. I learn a tremendous amount from these people, discovering articles, points of view and multiple interesting discussion topics each day. The list skews heavily to tech industry operators, journalists and investors with a few special interest follows sprinkled in: Twitter Following List.

RSS — I follow a number of regular news and information sources using Feedly. The feeds are a mix of personal blogs and technology publications — personal blogs: A VC, Om Malik, Paul Graham Essays, Semil ShahTom Tunguz, Steve Cheney, Lefsetz LetterHunter Walk, David Lee, Chris Dixon, Both Sides of the Table, Tom NoyesAsymcoContinuations, Elad Blog, Musings on Markets and Seth’s Blog; publications: WSJ Digits, NYT BitsRe/Code, TechCrunch, Silicon Alley Insider, SkiftPayments Views and Get Elastic.

Newsletters — These are a great daily or weekly way for me to catch up on content I otherwise may have missed in real time. I collect the newsletters into a daily rollup using I’ve found my newsletter load increasing lately, especially as aggregators and curators get ever better: Nuzzel, Mattermark, Benedict Evans, Stratechery, Pymnts, Mobile Commerce Daily, This Is Going to be Big, StrictlyVCDan Primack Term Sheet, First Round Review, A16Z and Loyalty 360 is the current rotation.

Browsing — Near the start of each day, I spend a few minutes scanning the New York Times, Google News and ESPN to get outside of the tech window. I regularly read the The Infatuation, Eater and Grub Street blogs for dining news, Tribeca Citizen for neighborhood news and the Jets, Mets, and Knicks blogs for sports news. I also regularly check the Wall Street Journal, LinkedIn, Medium, Circa, Fast Company, WIRED, Techmeme, Hacker News, The Guardian, The Economist, Washington Post and New York Magazine for additional news.

That’s my routine to discover great content. I generally spend a few hours each day and more on weekends and holidays to read, share and discuss news and insights. Reading has replaced TV as my primary leisure time activity. It is time very well spent and has paid off in spades in terms of accelerating my learning, shaping my thinking and helping me to develop great and lasting relationships with exceptionally thoughtful people.


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