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  • Quick thoughts on web3

    Quick thoughts on web3

    VCs, angels and other early investors help to bootstrap web3 networks by providing funding for research, development, marketing, community building, operations, treasury and more. In return, those early investors are granted token ownership of the networks for their risk capital. At the same time, the teams are granted tokens for their direct effort in creating, […]

  • Interview: The Block & Cryptocurrency

    Interview: The Block & Cryptocurrency

    The following is a transcript of a recent podcast with my friend and investor in The Block, David Nage. This podcast was particularly fun because David knows me so well and we were able to chat like buddies. I hope you enjoy the read (or listen) as much as I enjoyed sharing it with David […]

  • Fourth Feelings

    Today’s post by Fred Wilson inspired me to share my feelings today. I’ve never been more optimistic about what is ahead for me personally. I’m fortunate enough to have two beautiful children, an amazing wife and a brand new business. There is so much hope and opportunity in the eyes of youth, so many new […]

  • “Frontier Tech” And Blockchain / Crypto

    The blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem is the first time that I’ve ever participated fully in a “frontier tech” market — and my goodness is it eye-opening. Due to the opportunity and risk of frontier tech, the people, strategies, norms and structures are completely different than a traditional tech market. Matt Turck of FirstMark Capital had […]

  • The Best Careers Are Non-Linear

    One aspect of US careers is regularly talked about privately amongst friends and confidantes, but is viewed as verboten to talk about publicly or with prospective employers: a successful professional career is not generally a linear upward growth progression of sequential, larger successes. Most business careers have similarities with professional athlete careers: Performance ups & […]

  • Day 1

    It is Day 1 in the world of blockchain and cryptoassets. It is time to come along for the ride. Let me help convince you! 1) Most people know nothing. A few people know some things — these people know what they don’t know, but they are curious and seek to prove or disprove their […]

  • Out: Chasing Eyeballs, In: Delivering Outcomes

    Mobile 1.0: Serving Up Ads to Eyeballs Nearly 20 years after Web 1.0 and AOL, we are returning to an era of captive user attention and walled gardens, manifested most acutely on mobile devices. The mobile platforms of today are meant to control the services, content and marketing messages that are directed at a user — from […]

  • The Evolution Of Mobile Commerce: From Ads to APIs to Buttons

    The Evolution Of Mobile Commerce: From Ads to APIs to Buttons

    Contextual Commerce in a Mobile-First World As e-commerce shifts from a desktop to a mobile-first world, the leading mobile commerce services are increasingly developer-driven companies like Amazon, Uber, Airbnb, OpenTable and Ticketmaster. These companies look to generate sales from new and existing customers in novel ways. Their tactics have diverged from those of traditional e-commerce […]

  • Apple Pay + Fraud

    Apple Pay onboarding fraud is both a bank *and* an Apple problem. It is a flaw in how the banks onboard customers: they don’t ask for enough information to determine if the person adding the account to Apple Pay is who they say they are. That process is a bank process. But since Apple controls […]

  • The reinvention of commerce for mobile

    The reinvention of commerce for mobile

    Commerce reinvented on mobile 2014 was a huge turning point for the mobile commerce ecosystem. From 2010 to 2014, most of the retail, payments and technology industry’s mobile commerce focus was on turning the last moment pre-purchase in traditional retail and services industries — payments — into a mobile-enabled experience. The focus on mobile payments […]